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Introducing the Gongs

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Introducing the Gongs

The gong is an ancient instrument of healing. It has been used for meditation, ceremony, and rituals. At Wind Willow Sound Health gongs are used in sound therapy sessions to promote health. They also are used in immersive experiences known as the Gong Puja.

In the pictures below you will see a Meinl 28″ WuXing gong being played.

The shiny gold flat gong on the C-gong stand is a 30″ Chinese Wind gong. It’s also included in the group of gongs picture.

In the picture of the group of gongs you will see, from left to right, a 28″ WuXing, (upper rack); a 24″ Moon Planet gong, (lower rack); a 24″ Venus  Planet Gong,; a 22″ Chau gong, on the far right; and the 30″ Chinese Wind gong.