Julie in the classroom
Julie in the classroom

Upcoming Classes

Sound Therapy for Highly Sensitive People

HAVE YOU EVER considered yourself highly sensitive? Do you know someone who is?

Wind Willow Sound Health is excited to launch a new and ongoing class series: Sound Therapy for Highly Sensitive People (ST4HSP). 

Join us Feb. 12 for the first of a 90 minute, 6-class series. It will meet twice a month on Sunday afternoons. It was developed for those individuals who identify as sensitive and want to learn positive ways to navigate their world more comfortably. This informational class will focus on the Highly Sensitive People trait, the basics of Sound Therapy, and how the two can be integrated for the most beneficial outcome. This is also a great class series for professionals who work with Highly Sensitive People, are themselves Highly Sensitive People, or know someone with the trait. Early bird registration is still open. Interested individuals should send inquiries via the website.

Winter Sound Therapy Classes

WIND WILLOW Sound Health is currently accepting students for the 2023 classes, offered as a combination of virtual and in-person structure. Classes begin in mid-February and registration is now open. Please submit inquiries through the website.


SOUND THERAPY IS GAINING popularity as a viable option to enhance existing health practices and aid the patient/client in obtaining better healthcare. Because of this, there is a growing need for credible sound therapists, especially in the Midwest.

Wind Willow Sound Health LLC offers virtual and in-person classes that teach basic as well as proprietary techniques and includes original textbooks exclusive to Wind Willow to aid student comprehension. Keeping class size small enables the student to receive one-on-one instruction.

Classes are primarily targeted toward healthcare professionals who desire the addition of sound therapy to enhance their existing businesses.

Students may also include individuals who wish to use basic sound therapy for personal use.

The first Wind Willow Sound Class graduates.
The first Wind Willow Sound Class graduates.

The first Wind Willow Sound Class graduates, 2016.

What Wind Willow Sound Therapy students say

“Your classes have changed my life!”

“Thank you, Julie. I finally found my passion – sound therapy!”

“It’s nice to be in a class with so many like-minded individuals. Thank you, Julie, for bringing this opportunity to our community.”

“Now I’M putting people to sleep with the deep relaxation techniques you taught us!”

“I look forward to continued education classes with you, as you learn and develop new techniques.”

“What I liked about Julie Chase’s Sound Classes

  • She provides students with informative lectures with ppt (powerpoints) & handouts.
  • She gives options. Items to purchase, place, Discounts, choices are hard and so it’s helpful to practice… and she encourages folks with “make it your own.”
  • Gives a basic protocol upfront…  It’s a great way to see the flow of points
  • She gives handouts with great info!  And references for students to return to…. and she’s constantly revising the handouts.
  • These comments are all based on my years of personal experience, self-study, reading & attending professional trainings.
  • Immersion in a new idea or technique is difficult and Julie helps students to do so comfortably.
  • She mixes lectures with knowledge from experience.
  • She demonstrates how she continues to learn herself…. always a good role model.
  • She exposes students to self-exploration, guiding them to look at history as realizing connections.
  • She strives to help the student develop ideas of confidentiality and professionalism through examples.
  • She addresses music and discusses business aspects of a sound therapy practice.
  • She is conscious of and respectful in what she does and encourages others to be the same. — Su Cutler, 2019


Endorsed by Wind Willow Sound Health

• World-renowned Sound Healer and Tuning Fork Pioneer John Beaulieu, N.D., Ph.D.


Certified Tibetan Bowl Sound Healer and Teacher Diane Mandle

• Bodisatva Trading Company

• Original Light Studio 

Julie demonstrates technique to a student.
Julie demonstrates a technique to a student.

Julie demonstrates a technique to a student.